Article Evaluation Process

The peer-review process comprises nine essential steps.

1. Authors upload their articles through the DergiPark system.

2. The Editorial Board carries out an initial evaluation by examining the article's conformity with the journal template and relevance to the journal's aim and scope. The fifth step consists of inviting referees to evaluate the article.

3. Authors' names in the article are concealed.

4.  'Originality Reports' are produced and published on the system.

5. The Editorial Board and Field Editors appoint a minimum of two referees linked to the subject matter of the article.

6. A double-blind refereeing process requires approval from at least two referees to progress to the following stage.

7. Once any necessary corrections have been made according to referee reports, authors upload them through the DergiPark portal.

8. Upon fulfilment of all requirements, the Board forwards the manuscript to the Editorial Board for final review.

9. The article, published in Modular Journal, explains the process

What is double blind refereeing?

The identities of authors and referees are kept anonymous during manuscript evaluation to ensure impartiality.

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